Helping California Vineyard Real Estate Broker Jenny Heinzen Create Luxury Property Listings and Gain Back More Time in Her Business

Vineyard Professional Real Estate

“Being able to outsource listing descriptions streamlines the process tremendously. Christy helps me consistently get and sell multimillion dollar listings.”

—Jenny Heinzen

When Jenny Heinzen hired Christy Wolff to write her real estate listing descriptions she was looking for a way to not only increase the level of professionalism she was displaying in her business, but also to outsource certain tasks so she could better focus on its growth.

As a highly successful real estate expert who specializes in vineyards in Paso Robles, California and surrounding areas, Jenny’s business had been growing steadily in the five years she’d been living and brokering in the area.

With a full family life and a real estate niche that caters to institutional investors, wineries, growers, and highnet- worth individuals who have an expectation of exceptional client care, it didn’t take Jenny long to recognize that she couldn’t do everything in her business on her own.

So, she went looking for help, eager to find a partner who could write her real estate listing descriptions and take this crucial task off her plate.

After an initial attempt with a copy editor who wasn’t truly familiar with the wine industry or the area, Jenny heard about Christy Wolff from a connection who happened to be one of Christy’s clients. She reached out and quickly realized that she’d found the perfect fit.

“Christy is local and has background knowledge in vineyards,” Jenny said. “I totally lucked out. It was great that I found the perfect person to write listing descriptions for my very unique niche.”

The second audience is institutional investors, who are generally seeking to purchase a vineyard between $5 million to $20 million to run as a profitable business.

Jenny said this type of audience is highly interested in the numbers, and Christy has no problem shifting her writing to accommodate for that, including not just numbers but all of the pertinent information about the acreage, grapes, infrastructure, and equipment.

Jenny said that no matter what type of listing or property she’s selling, Christy’s writing is essential to the growth of her business — and it’s helping her to create a system that saves a significant amount of time.

Jenny said the find became even greater when Christy started to work, and she was thrilled with the quality of the listing descriptions she produced.

“The first listing she wrote for me was perfect and I haven’t looked back since,” Jenny said.

Jenny said that, initially, she would send Christy a rough draft of a listing that Christy would then edit, but that quickly evolved into her sending over nothing more than a few notes of raw data.

“I’ll send over whatever information I have, like if there’s been an appraisal done, or maybe just a few quick notes of my own,” Jenny said. “No matter what info I give to Christy, she always turns it into something beautiful. It saves me a lot of time knowing that I can send over whatever notes I have and she’ll create a perfect listing description out of it.”

Jenny said she loves that Christy is able to so easily write listings for both of her two main audiences.

The first audience is lifestyle buyers, who are typically looking to purchase a vineyard in the range of $2 million to $5 million in order to add more beauty and enjoyment into their life. She said Christy does a great job of using vivid language in the listings to paint an impactful picture that resonates emotionally with these buyers.

“Christy has helped me systemize my listing process,” Jenny said. “She’s created a level of consistency in my business that’s really important to me.”

Jenny said that, due to the success of employing Christy’s expertise in writing her property listings, she’s expanded her partnership with her to include strategy around her website messaging and the foundational aspects of her brand.

“She’s gone through my website and provided me with in-depth strategy about how to improve my website and my messaging,” Jenny said. “It’s been so helpful. I’ve had an uptick in my website traffic since we did that and I’m excited to see if that continues to grow over time. “We also did a Power Hour call where she helped me articulate what was going on in my business and really nail down my audiences, my clients, my goals, and next steps. That was super helpful as well.” Jenny’s excited to continue her partnership with Christy and has loved all the benefits that have come from their working relationship so far. “Christy really takes my property listings to the next level,” Jenny said. “Knowing that she’s doing the work saves me so much time, and I love that when I meet with prospective clients to talk about listing their property I can say that I work with a professional copywriter who will write about their property in the best possible light.”

“Christy is responsive, organized, easy to work with, and she’s able to communicate the nuances of my niche in a clear, attentiongrabbing way. She’s become a very important part of my business.”