Grover Beach Sourdough

photos by Jennifer Olson Images

What’s with the crow? 

Our team is made up of people who care deeply about what they do. Together, we bake traditional fermented sourdough, buttermilk biscuits, waffles, brown butter cookies and more. 

We choose to craft our artisanal goods with only the finest quality ingredients from certified organic flours and grains to premium filtered water. 

Brooke and Jacob Town are the lovebirds behind the bakery. Their restaurant, The Spoon Trade, is located across the street. Grover Beach Sourdough supplies the restaurant with all the bread, buns, waffles, biscuits, and cookies you crave. 

Thousands of crows call Grover Beach home seasonally throughout the year. These inky black birds are bright and resourceful, passing information down from generation to generation...just like family bakers do. We love our living mascots and hope you do too. 

A friendly bread bakery steps from the sea, Grover Beach Sourdough welcomes visitors with freshly baked goods seven days a week from 8:00am to 6:00pm. 

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An inviting spot to gather in downtown Grover Beach, you’re invited to swing in for hot coffee and a warm hello. Read, visit with neighbors, or make new friends. Whether you’re a Central Coast local, visiting vacationer,or wandering traveler - all are welcome here. 


At Grover Beach Sourdough,
community is what we make it.  

How about your Sourdough starter? 

Before The Spoon Trade opened in 2015, Jacob and Brooke were shopping at local farmer’s markets almost every single day, where they were lucky to meet growers and makers from across the community. 

At the time, Jacob was experimenting with baking bread and practicing recipes. After countless trials, he chose to use native yeast* found on blueberries from Two Peas in a Pod farm in Arroyo Grande to create his own Sourdough starter. 

He crushed the fresh berries together with some flour and water...and waited. The sugar from the berries would become the food for the yeast to grow and multiply. 

If it sounds like a magic potion, that’s because it is. 

*What’s native yeast? 

If you’ve ever picked a plum off a tree or enjoyed fresh grapes toward the end of summer, you may have noticed a white powder coating on the fruit. This coating is yeast, which is native to whatever location the fruit was grown.