You want an easy way to take control of your inbox!

— To stop overthinking your next move…

— To step out of reinventing the wheel every damn time you send an email…

— To calmly manage a late payment or stop scope creep in its tracks…

— To make sure you have ALL the information you need before you name your price… 

— And to ask for a testimonial without feeling like an awkward freshman at a school dance.

So whaT DO yA do?

Keep stressing out as your inbox fills up faster than you can respond, wasting hours on individual emails because you can’t work out how to send your messages with confidence?

Hey friend,
what if there's another way? 

The solution is all yours—fully customizable business email templates specifically designed for creative service-based businesses and inspired by proven strategies. Each email template is intentionally created to help you set up systems that support you and your work .

All so you can position your brand with integrity, authenticity, and panache.

It’s time for you to meet

all yours!

Access your free email template:

How-to ask for kind words.

collect testimonials that say more so you stay in-demand.

Success Stories


— Kristy Fanton 
Copywriter Coogee 
New South Wales, Australia

"Christy's templates aren't just super useful when you're stuck on what to write - they're also an epic reminder of all those things we *should* be doing as service providers that often slip, unloved and unnoticed, to the bottom of the pile... even though they have huge impacts on our business. I'm talkin' chasing up testimonials, formalising referrals, and not letting unexplored silence kill a proposal. Get these bad boys set up in your inbox ASAP." 

— Kayla Coleman
Art Director & Stylist
Los Angeles, California

"Like every working adult I know, I procrastinate on tackling my inbox. I’m not quite sure how to say what I want to say — how to reach out to that potential collaborator or respond to that important client. Christy’s templates make life SO much easier. Her words have just the right mix of professionalism and warmth, and a once daunting task now has a built-in system that makes this part of my work a breeze. Thank you Christy!"

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Success Stories