There’s a new French bistro on Bell Street and it’s become a bright spot embraced by Los Alamos visitors and locals alike. If you’ve been hearing a buncha buzz about Bell’s lately, it’s for good reason, the menu is mouthwatering. From the frites, steak tartare, and French gnocchi to the delectable French Dip, this place inspires Lumière-levels of song and dance. The “be our guest” vibe rings true in every corner of the space, starting in the dining room and winding outside to the inviting sun-dappled patio dotted with roomy tables and ridiculously good lookin’ patrons as far as the eye can see. Seriously, the people-watching inspired a printed jumpsuit purchase later that day. 

Owners and founders Daisy and Greg Ryan collaborate alongside celebrated pastry pro and dear friend Sarah Williams to make this place what it is, a gem. The rustic working-class French fare and genuinely warm staff paired with an eclectic wine list ensure Bell’s is the place to be. Daisy, Greg, and Sarah have known each other for over a decade, having lived together in New York. Daisy and Greg make it clear that Sarah was instrumental in getting the bistro off the ground, and visitors can taste just how valuable her pastry chef skills are to the success of the bistro. All in all, Bell’s is truly a team effort. 

A bit of background on Daisy and Greg. She’s the chef, and he handles the operations side. Together, the couple naturally complements each other’s strengths and skills. They’re also kind of a big deal. From their shared fine dining experience in New York (Per Se has three Michelin stars, that’s as good as it gets) to their individual experiences in Beverly Hills and Austin, this kick-ass couple sets the standard for outta this world hospitality. Think of them like living and breathing Tom Petty lyrics, runnin’ down a dream of making their own restaurant a reality. And with Bell’s, they did. 

Located at 406 Bell Street in Los Alamos, Bell’s is open Thursday — Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday — Monday from 11:00am to 5:00pm. 

The Ryans became parents this year. That’s right. They opened a thriving restaurant and became mom and dad in less than 12 months. 

Daisy grew up in the Los Alamos region, while Greg is an Oregon native. Pro tip - if you happen to know Daisy from your cousin’s neighbor’s kindergarten days...that’s rad, but let the woman be when she’s behind the bar. She’s got work to do. 

Greg gained acceptance to law school but chose to attend culinary school after college instead (thankfully for us), while Daisy and Sarah both graduated from a 4-year program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. 


On owning a restaurant…“For us, we wanted to do something that was our own. The luxury of what we’re doing is that it’s ours.” - Greg 

On Bell’s cuisine...“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel as far as flavor combinations or anything like that. We want it to just be really good, as good as we can make it, and not loud or chef-y even.” - Daisy 

On the restaurant biz…”We roll with the punches...a restaurant shouldn’t be for everybody. What are you doing this for if you’re not putting out food you’re proud of?” - Greg 

In their own words 

Originally published in Coyote + Oak Magazine. 

Bonjour, Bell’s 

Written by Christy Wolff 
PHOTOS BY kayla tierney